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SUS-PUS is SAN new “Beta” Musical Platform whose sole mission is to Scout and Vet emerging musical talents such as Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, Dancers, Producers, and Videographers. There are five elements to achieve a successful song. 1) Singer – 2) Songwriter – 3) Producer – 4) Dancer – 5) Videographer.

SUS-PUS will offer the public, weekly downloads for $15 each – spanning 15 music genres such as Pop, Electronica, Jazz, Gothic, Reggae, Folk, Heavy Metal, Gospel, Soul, Country, Blues, Neo-Soul, R&B, Rap, and Rock. The best of all categories wins a music contract and a possible major record deal with a label.

SUS-PUS ensures “equal” participation regardless of race, sex, color, religion, or national origin. SUS-PUS is short for SingUSigned and PlayUSigned all three names are registered trademarks of SAN. A SUS-PUS license is offered for any country, contact us at: SANAuthority@gmail.com, title: Country Music License.




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