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Good Cry

SignUSigned & PlayUSigned by SAN SAN releases its new signature “Beta” Music Programs called “SingUSigned” and PlayUSigned, better known as SUS-PUS. We know it’s a struggle across all genres to find exceptional musical talents and unlike many music competitions that are held either seasonally or annually given artists only one chance to make a difference. SUS-PUS by SAN, is the first of its kind with ongoing weekly music programs vetting the very best musical talents worldwide. Once SUS-PUS is structured, it will offer to all major genre Record Labels a direct link to newfound talents such as singers, writers, musicians, dancers, producers, and videographers. SUS-PUS is long-overdue, and artists can relinquish their worries of navigating through the complex geopolitical musical landscape to garnish Major Record Label’s attention. These new programs also ensure all “equal” musical consideration regardless of their race, sex, color, religion, or national origin.